Red Epic MYSTERIUM-X Full Camera Kit With Lots Of Extras


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I m regrettably selling my used but well loved and maintained and fully functional Red Epic MYSTERIUM-X 5K camera kit.


It comes with lots of extras including:


– Side SSD (1.8 )

– Upgraded Fan Kit, top and bottom

– Red Titanium PL Mount

– Red Titanium EF Mount

– RED DSMC Side Handle

– RED 5 Touchscreen Monitor (Scratch Free) & RED 5 Arm with Custom Rail attachment for quick setup

– 3x Red Monitor Cable (7 , 12 & 18 )

– 4x 256GB SSDs

– 2x SSD Reader RED Station REDMag 1.8

– 4x Red XLR to 1/8 Jack Audio Adapters

– 1x Red Timecode to Lemo adapter

– Red AC Power Adapter

– Switronix Vlock Power adapter with 2x P-Taps, hard mounted to the back of camera

– Wooden Camera Top Handle (Cheese Style)

– ViewFactor Base plate with 15mm Lightweight Rail Support

– Custom Made Low Profile Aluminum Shoulder Rest with Neoprene Padding

– 6x Vlock Batteries:

  1. 2x 98w ProX Red Batteries w/PTap and USB
  2. 2x 130W Switrononix w/Ptap (USB not working on these two)
  3. 2x 150W Switronix w/PTap and USB

– 2x Vlock Chargers

– IDX HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter with HDMI Adapter Cable


This is the perfect setup for an Indie or Doc production looking for a great ready to roll full kit at a great price!


Local up preferred. Available in Los Angeles Dec 4&5 and after Dec 14, as well as in NYC Dec 6-13th. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


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